What Are The Best Ping Putter On The Market In 2020?

5 best ping putters

What is the Best Ping Putter?

It may surprise you to find out that what is the best Ping Golf putter? If you are like most of us, the answer is definitely that we are looking for an absolute model that offers the lowest possible friction for maximum distance and maximum stability.

Let's look at a bit of physics. Pitching a golf ball down the fairway is a basic motion. From here, it is very easy to understand that the more important ball to attempt to send in the other direction (parallel to the line you are on) will have less of a chance of hitting the fairway.

The performance of a golf putter is largely determined by the shaft flexibility and shaft length (for a more detailed explanation of this, read the article on shaft flexibility and shaft length). Short shafts work best in shorter fairways where the spin axis is higher on the ball. Longer shafts work best in longer fairways where the spin axis is lower on the ball.

For the most part, players try to "think" (like a golfer) about what they want, and search for that in their golf equipment. What they need is what they expect. Perhaps the best Ping Golf putter is the one that has the longest shaft, or the one that has the least amount of compression or flex in the shaft, or the one that has the shaft that is the most flexible.

After all, some shafts are better than others in each of these areas. So why wouldn't we want to stay with the best when it comes to shaft size, or compression, or flex?

Another thing to consider is that most golfers will tell you that their performance in the game is determined by the shaft length, shaft flex, and face friction. The more these three things are equal, the more stable the clubface is and the more loft (which allows for the loftier fairway shots that we all want) that we can hit.

At first glance, it might appear that there is not much use in searching for the most flex for a longer shaft, especially since most golfers would guess that shaft length is the most important. However, there is a case to be made that the longest shaft length that will give you the best balance of the face and the shaft will usually give you the best performance. So the short putter might not necessarily give you the best results, but it might be a good way to get started.

There are a few things to remember about shaft length. Firstly, if you have experience with a long shaft, then you are already inclined to think about the length of the shaft first. However, it is also important to take note of the strength and flex of the shaft, to see if there is a possibility of further compression.

Secondly, as with anything else, the more flex you get into the shaft, the higher the spin angle. However, with putting, you don't have the opportunity to vary the head spin in any significant way, so the result will still be a less stable ball. Therefore, if you have a shaft that is most effective with the green lines you want, go for the longest shaft.

Finally, it should be noted that with the choice of shaft length, face friction, and shaft flex, a little bit of improvisation can have a big impact on your results. If you want to try longer shafts, make sure to use a little less compression. For longer shafts, try using some extra flex.

Hopefully, this article has given you some tips on what is the best Ping Golf Putter. Remember, the best Ping Golf putter is the one that you would take to the course and find the short fairway shots that you have always wanted to take but never were able to find.

Top 5 Best Ping Putter On The Market

Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Blade Putter Headcover Black Blue 2015
  • New Brand New Ping Cadence TR Blade Putter Head Cover
  • Brand: Ping
  • Club Type: Putter Head Cover
  • Colour : Black
Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter (Right Hand)
  • The PGX putter features a precise white finish which stands out when the putter is in the address position on the green.
  • This contrast of the white color against the green grass really helps maintain focus on the alignment lines that help ensure that your putter is on target at start.
  • At 380g the additional 40g weight of the mallet putter is "tour-weighted", suited best for the faster greens that are more and more common around the world.
  • Includes custom PGX headcover
  • Putter length 34"

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