Best Golf Putters Reviews 2019: Top 5+ Recommended

This is the club that will either make or break your game. Whether you are concluding an outward nine or an inward nine, you do not want to miss out on that last hole. In a putt, a single inch may spell the difference between a make and a miss. It goes without saying that the putter is one of the golfing gears that you need to breathe as one with.

Unfortunately, of the numerous clubs in the golf bag, the putter is the one that is given the least attention; unknowingly giving up around 40% of your game.

Buying a putter for its make, brand name and looks may not work for you. You need to get a putter whose specifications fit your stance and overall game.

Research widely on the various putters in the market and make a choice of one that can keep you off the bogey or better yet one that can propel you to albatross.

For you to keep your head above water with the eagle and birdies on the green there are a few considerations in choosing a putt. Take a look;

The Best Golf Putters

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Balance; the balance can be a face or toe balance.  In face balanced, when the center of gravity is focused at the back of the clubface, you will get larger sweet spots with the face pointing upwards.  The toe balance, dubbed ‘toe hang’, is the best golf putter for those golfers with a slightly curved shot, also known as an arc shot.  In toe hang, the toe points downwards when the putter is held parallel to the ground and balanced on a finger.    

Length; this may well be the most vital component of a putter.  You want a putter that will fit into the ideal address position for a putt.  There are three lengths; which are the long, belly and traditional.  The long favors golfers with back pain, allowing you to grip it at the top near your chest with the other hand positioned in the middle of the shaft which is aligned to your waist.  The belly length stabilizes your wrists through the stroke.  The conventional putters are the majority in any golf shop as they are the classic putters used to learn with.  They inspire confidence and help in keeping your wrists solid through your stroke.

Weight; you need a putter that will neither be too light nor too heavy in your hands, affecting your swing.  You want a putter that has just the right weight in your hands, inspiring that powerful forward roll that can sink the ball into the hole.

Putter Head; this churns down to preference as the putter heads come in various shapes and sizes; whether you prefer the mallet or blade head putter.  The Blade Putters are the oldest designs and are face balanced.  They play well on all surfaces, especially the harder and faster surfaces.  In case your stroke is straight, you can use blades for your putts.  Peripheral-Weighted design is one where there is extra weight on the toe and heel of a blade putter.  They increase forgiveness and reliability.  The Mallet Head have massive heads with visual aids for aligned shots, giving a greater chance of success.   Golfers with straight strokes can also benefit a lot from this putter.

Face options; the face options include the Metal Face which is the classic steel face.  It is best for loud feedback and a solid feel.  The Metal Face estimates correctly on how centered your shots are.  The Insert Face replaces metal with nonmetal insert.  The soft and light material is used to redistribute mass on the head, heel, and toe, giving a lightweight result.  These putters favor beginners because of how forgiving they are.  For their softness, they may not offer great feel and feedback but on using a firmer ball, the feel and feedback are on point as most golfers’ desire.  The Groove Face has grooves that grip the ball, lifting it out of its resting position, sending it rolling straight with forward rolling power.  These are available with both metal and insert faces.

Shafts and Hosels; the putter style will determine the ideal shaft.  Legally, the minimum putter length is 18 inches if measured from the sole to the shaft.  There is no maximum limit for the putter length.  The shafts include a center shaft, heel shafted and offset putters.  For instance, a golfer with a flat stroke benefits more with a center shaft while beginners thrive with the offset shaft.

Now that we have stated what is needed to pick the best gold putter, you can now have a glimpse into some of the putters available;

Most Recommended Golf Putters: Detailed Reviews

1. Titleist Scotty Cameron - Best Mid Mallet Putter

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putter 2016 Right Newport 2 35 is designed to reinforce flowing strokes with its contemporary heel-and-toe weighting technology.

This longtime tour favorite featuring a sole-to-top line 303 stainless steel inlay is hand-buffed to an attractive metallic finish.

This product is attached to a high-tech vibration diminishing material.

This blend of materials offers a responsive feel and feedback at impact with the ball.

The grip is soft and supple facilitating a mid-size grip.


  • The vibration reducer is one of Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putter 2016 Right Newport strongest points.
  • The feel you get is firm but soft and comfortable leading to glidingly straight strokes.
  • If you are eyeing those birdies, the stable forward roll ensures this golf putter puts forth is reliable.
  • The Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putter 2016 Right Newport 2 35 is easy on the eyes with the elegant silver finish.


  • If you are looking for an astoundingly forgiving putter, this putter may not be for you.

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2. Odyssey Works Versa - Best Blade Putter

The best golf putters are those with an excellent roll granting you that eagle. The Odyssey Works Versa #1 Wide Tank Putter with SuperStroke Grip is one of those with the ultimate blend of putting technology pieced together for optimum performance.

Odyssey Works Versa #1 Wide Tank Putter with SuperStroke Grip, Right Hand, 35-Inch
  • Fusion RX Insert
  • Alternative Putter Designs To Find Your Balance
  • High Contrast Alignment

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The Fusion RX insert adds a sweet roll to your game ensuring those birdies are within reach.

The head weight renders it easy and comfortable while making a stroke with an extremely forgiving large face for miss hits.

The good news is the alternative putter designs allow you to adjust the head weight to suit your putting needs and find your balance.


  • The Odyssey Works Versa #1 Wide Tank Putter with SuperStroke Grip has a soft feel that can be easily adjusted with the weight options
  • This golf putter produces an outstanding roll and speed, especially with minimal deviation.
  • It offers extra visual aids for aligning approach it being a bigger blade putter offering extra visual aids.


  • Some golfers may not like the soft feel the Odyssey Works Versa #1 Wide Tank Putter with SuperStroke Grip has and the impact may also seem too soft for their liking.
  • This golf putter is stable though may be considered to be a bit on the weightier side.

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3. TaylorMade Golf Putters - Best Mallet Putter

TaylorMade Golf Putters in one of the best golf putter tailor-made to be more forgiving to enable golfers to realize outstanding results on off-center strikes.

TaylorMade 2018 Spider Tour Red Putter (Right Hand, 34 Inches, No Sightline)
  • Modern Mallet putters designed with multi materials for high MOI, stability and better pure roll
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminun core paired with heavy 304 stainless steel frame for high MOI to ensure that the face stays square to the path
  • Pure roll insert for increased forward roll and distance control
  • Vibration damping PU foam embedded between the body and frame for enhanced sound and feel
  • Spider features a unique "square" shape for better alignment and movable weight technology to match the desired head weight

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Expanding this putter’s head has not lost the stylish look that this baby boasts of. The larger head enhances the MOI improving forgiveness during miss-hits, stability during impact and improving speed control.

The heads are hollow with a vibration reducing foam, built like the fairway wood.

The grooves on the face are vertical rather than horizontal for a better roll while improving the sound and feel.

This mallet head design that is recommended for the higher handicap golfers comes in a variety of shaft lengths that can be changed to suit your needs as a golfer.


  • This golf putter is well balanced offering stability and preciseness.
  • The extra forgiving nature makes this a good option for beginners.
  • A well balanced putter with excellent stability and accuracy.


  • For the pros, the enhanced forgiveness by this golf putter interferes with the level of feel and feedback since all shots seem to have a related feel that has no difference.
  • The silver metallic finish though nice to look at can glare in the sun, offering an unwelcome distraction on the green.

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4. Cleveland TFI Smart Square Putter Reviews

The Cleveland TFI Smart Square Putter has a True Feel Innovation (TFI) face lending a milled copper infused face cap and a copolymer insert for the crucial experience in feel and consistency across the face.

Cleveland Golf Men's TFI Smart Square Putter, Right, 33-Inch
  • Milled Copper Infused Insert
  • Low Density Aluminum Body
  • Copolymer Insert
  • High Density Alloy Wing

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For greater stability and less distance loss on off-center hits, TFI Smart Square merges a High-Density Stabilizing Wing with a Low-Density Aluminum Body for an enhanced MOI.

You can get a perfect frame with the Dual Axis Alignment that has two parallel lines extending from the core of the face, framing it. Meanwhile, you can also get prompt feedback if the putter is misaligned at the address position.

The result is a consistent, faster alignment on each putt which is 23% more precise as compared to other putters.

The Cleveland TFI Smart Square Putter is available in varying lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches complete with a head cover to protect the head while not in use.


  • Ideal performance on medium to long range putts, this is ideal if you have slower greens.
  • The Cleveland TFI Smart Square Putter exhibits exemplary performance on medium to long range putts.
  • The Cleveland TFI Smart Square Putter’s colossal head has lock squared visual aids to facilitate better alignment of shots.
  • This golf putter is very stable and produces enough feedback to pinpoint off center shots.


  • The distance control may not be precise in this golf putter.

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5. Nike Method Converge S1-12 Left-Handed Putter Golf Club Reviews

Although Nike may not be in the golf club business in 2018, if you happen to come across the Nike Method Converge putter, you will have landed a great deal on an outstanding mallet putter.

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Nike enjoys a great response from their line of putters for their attention to detail. A firm favorite, it features an RZN layer between 304 Stainless Steel for managing forgiveness leading to a 10% tighter dispersion.

The RZN Groove facilitates a faster forward roll with its softened feel.

The T-shaped alignment results into a favorable address position. With a large head of 370g, there is added weight on the heel and toe for added stability. The Nike Method Converge S1-12 head also has adjustable counterbalances.


  • The counterbalances enhance the overall stability containing a top-notch class feel and feedback with a soft insert.
  • There is immense accuracy and astounding roll control elicited by the Nike Method Converge S1-12.
  • The matte-black finish eliminates glare while remaining stylish, making the game pleasant as there are no undue distractions.
  • Excellent roll control and outstanding accuracy.


  • For players who favor arc shots, this golf putter may not be for them.
  • Not suited for players with arc shots.
  • The counterbalancer may not suit every playing style out there.

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Selecting the best golf putter for you can be a daunting task, made harder by the array of putters in the market while seeking for that all important gear, the bottom line is winning. No one likes to lose.

If you are a beginner, seeking professional insight can guide you tremendously. Trying out the golf putter to check if it is a good fit with your stance also goes a long way in easing the pressure from you while on the green.

For veterans, it may be more about game improvement. It is a matter of finding out what is available in the market, the specifications, trying out the golf putter and finally making an informed choice that will enhance your skill further while allowing you to enjoy and win the game.

You can also be a high handicapped willing to up your game.

The putter tremendously influences that final score on your card, making a decision for you on your par and handicap levels.