Most Forgiving Game Improvement Clubs

Golf clubs are becoming more forgiving due to the amazing technology that is now readily available. If you want to learn about forgiving drivers, ironswedges and putters, then you have come to the right place. We will review 5 of the most forgiving golf clubs.

The top qualities of a forgiving golf club, include a large club head, softer sweet spot and higher Momentum of Inertia (MOI). Here are the 5 golf clubs, we believe are extremely forgiving (listed alphabetically):

We will rate the aforementioned on the following 4 criteria - balance, feel, MOI and technology. At the end, we will declare the winner.

Five Most Forgiving Golf Clubs

Put your arms straight out and turn 360 degrees; what shape do your hands make? A circle. Your putting stroke is like the arc of this circle.

Ping's "Fit for Stroke" putter customization system uses color-coded templates for three different stroke arcs:

  • Straight = "Face-balanced" is less than 3.5-degree arc
  • Slight Arc = "Mid-hang" is between 3.5-degree and 7.5-degree arc
  • Strong Arc = "Toe down" is more than 7.5-degree arc

Ping's diagnostic tools and testing equipment have shown that "a golfer’s consistency improves when their putter balance matches their stroke type." Ping believes that "instead of changing your stroke, you might want to change your putter to fit your stroke."

What is "Toe Hang?"

With the aforementioned rating system, you have the term "toe hang." What is "toe hang?" "Toe hang" means that when you hold the golf club shaft parallel to the ground, the toe will "point towards the ground." Ping would suggest that players with dramatic arc in their stroke, should use a "toe-balanced" putter.

Most Forgiving Golf Club Rating System

Rating drivers, irons, wedges and putters by the same standard can be difficult because the optimum shot for each is slightly different (i.e. high-spin wedges and low-spin drives). Still, we believe that balance, feel, MOI and technology are the best criteria for gauging forgiveness.


Is the golf club well-balanced? Can you adjust the weights?


Tour players emphasize the "feel" and "sound" of the club.


A higher MOI reduces the "punishment" exerted during mis-hits.


Did the manufacturer create a new technology to increase forgiveness?

Mini Review of Each Golf Club

We tried to review each club type - driver, iron, wedge, blade putter and mallet putter. Here are the 5 most forgiving golf clubs:

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1. Cleveland RTX 3.0 Wedge Reviews

The 2018 release of the Cleveland RTX 3.0 wedge has generated a well-spring of excitement. The Cleveland brand has been at the forefront of the development of "bounce" concepts. Each year, the Cleveland wedges are ranked amongst the "Top 5" on the tour. But why is this Cleveland wedge so forgiving?

Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, 52 Degree, Black Satin
  • Patent-pending feel balancing technology - nine grams of mass are removed from the hosel and redistributed to the wedge head for a center of Gravity closer to the impact zone
  • V sole grinds add shot consistency and control - three Tour-proven grinds feature a V shape with more leading edge bounce to help the club head through the turf faster at impact for crisper feel and more consistent performance
  • New Rotex face increases spin - the third-generation rtx face features a refined groove shape, a new Rotex micro-milling pattern engineered to optimize spin performance by loft, and laser milling

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The patent-pending "Feel Balancing" technology, fine-textured "Rotex Face" and "Muscle Back" features give this Cleveland RTX 3.0 - a great feel and a forgiving nature. Start with the hosel redesign. The Cleveland scientists discovered that many mis-hits were due to striking the ball with the hosel.

So, as part of its "Feel Balancing," Cleveland Golf removed 2 grams from the hosel, replacing it with a micro-cavity. They also shortened the wedge by 1 centimeter, which removed 7 grams from the total weight. The result has been a lower Center of Gravity (CG) , more forgiveness and increased stability. You also have a decreased vibration and reduced club head twist.

You can choose from three different "V" Shaped Dot Bounce Sole Grinds. The "Rotex Face" 3.0 has new, more durable "Tour Zip Grooves," combining large, micro and circular grooves. This rich face texture helps the ball, leap off your club head.

During testing, there was a tighter shot dispersion, showing that the technology works, as advertised. Cleveland Golf take a very forgiving wedge and made it better with the Cleveland RTX 3.0 club.


  • Finely-Textured Rotex Face
  • Re-Designed Hosel
  • Tight Shot Dispersion


  • Clunky


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2. Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select Putter Reviews

Is Scotty Cameron a mad scientist or a clever inventor or both? Unlike others who discuss the technology of golf clubs, Scotty Cameron seems to be the most passionate, detailed and successful. The Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select blade putter is an upgrade to the one that Tiger Woods used to win 13 of 14 major titles.

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 2016 Putter 35" (10g) Titleist Golf Club
  • Scotty Cameron Newport 2 2016
  • Soft but solid feel from the integrated vibration dampening system connecting mid-milled face inlays or face-sole components to putter heads.
  • Modern aesthetics with sole-to-topline inlays or face-sole pop-through technology, misted finishes, and refined colors and graphics.
  • Balance and forgiveness from Select heel-and-toe weighting technology that is perfectly matched to shaft length.

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The Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select blade putter is a model for champions. Its beautiful, hand-buffed, fine-milled, textured face uses the winning red-and-silver color scheme. The wide sweet spot is quite forgiving. You have three Red Ruby colored circular windows on the back of the putter face.

Made of 303 Stainless Steel, the “Vibration-Dampening” system gives you a soft address. The standard specifications are 3.5-degree loft, 70-degree lie and lengths of 33-, 34- and 35-degree shafts for this legendary, low-slung putter. The clear shaft sight line and lie are two important features.

Updates to this Select model include a thicker top line, three tiers and a boxier address. The goal has been to create a crisp, mechanical ball strike.

This Scotty Cameron blade putter has horizontal and vertical sight lines, which unfortunately do not extend to the front of the face. One minor issue is the "Titleist" logo on the putter's face. While this is great for PR, it might lead to horrible "mis-hits."

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select blade putter is "Tour-proven" and you can't really argue with success.


  • “Vibration-Dampening” Technology
  • Superior Shaft Lie
  • Beautiful Face


  • Boxy
  • Titleist Logo on Face
  • Alignment Lines Do Not Reach Face Front 

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3. TaylorMade R15 Driver Reviews

While many golf clubs have adjustable segments inside the body, the ones on the red-and-black TaylorMade R15 driver are outside, near the face. This new “Front Track” system has a channel with two adjustable weights (each is about 12.5 grams).

TaylorMade Men's R15 460, Left Hand, Stiff, 9.5-Degree
  • 460cc head Low-forward CG promotes low spin
  • New Front Track system performs like a Speed Pocket reduces spin and increases size of sweet spot
  • New sliding split weights heel for draw toe for fade 12 point 5 grams each and 4 degree loft sleeve to dial in your launch conditions
  • New Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution shaft and Lamkin UTX Grip

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This TaylorMade R15 versatility is truly amazing, because you have so many options. You could place both of these weights on "Fade" or both on "Draw." You could optimize forgiveness by separating the weights to opposite ends. Control your driver's forgiveness, tendencies and weight balance.

The entire technological masterpiece looks sleek and aerodynamic. When viewed from the side, the R15 driver looks like those fancy Apple computers with the sloped back. Choose from two club head weights (430 or 460 cubic centimeters). The primary shaft length is 45.5 inches, which is half-an-inch longer than most standard drivers. This gives you more control.

The driver has a white head and black face (with a circular sweet spot). There is a simple alignment line, using the TaylorMade logo on top. You also have an adjustable loft-sleeve on the shaft with 12 customizable settings. This is truly "tailor-made" to your exact preferences.

Success depends almost entirely on how effectively you learn to manage the game's two ultimate adversaries: the course and yourself. = Jack Nicklaus

During testing, PGA Golf Coach Rick Shiels said the “golf ball flexes more evenly” when it hits the face, due to the low-forward profile. The adjustable weight channel softens the impact, quite nicely for optimal forgiveness, while still delivering loads of distance.

PGA Coach Rick Shiels said that there was a "crisp sound" during ball strike, a higher ball launch (of about one degree) and you would not be "mega-punished” after a mis-hit. You might be able to skip a fitting, since you can adjust the weights yourself. The DIY TaylorMade R15 Driver is like having multiple drivers all-in-one.


  • Two “Front Track” Weights
  • Low CG
  • High-Tech Vents


  • Heavy
  • White Head

TaylorMade R15 Driver Review (Source:

TaylorMade Men's R15 460, Left Hand, Stiff, 9.5-Degree
Taylormade-Adidas Golf Company - Sports
from $224.23

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4. Callaway Men's XR OS Iron Set – Irons For High-Handicap Golfers

Let’s face it – traditional irons are not everyone’s cup of tea; if you’re a mid to high-handicap player, then you know what we mean by this. When your goal is to see the ball fly as high and as far away as possible, but you’ve not quite mastered the art of golf yet, then forgiving irons are what you’re looking for – and Callaway has your back in this.

Callaway Golf Men's XR OS Irons Set (Set of 8 Total Clubs: 4-PW, AW, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular Flex)
  • Long with our industry-leading Face cup: we've taken our cup 360 technology that's redefined ball speed in the category, and helped US become the #1 iron in golf.And we've made it even faster
  • Easier to hit XR os irons are easy to launch with a center of Gravity that's lower and further back. It's easy for you to get a ball flight that leads to more distance
  • More forgiving: the soles are wider to give you more forgiveness, and it's easier to get more distance out of every impact location. You'll feel confident over the ball, and you have the technology to hit good shots more consistently
  • Progressive lengths and lofts to HELP you hit the ball farther, we've included the progressive lengths and lofts through the set for longer distance off each club

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Yes, the Callaway XR OS Iron set is a bit pricier when it comes to iron sets. However, once you learn about the amount of forgiveness it offers and how customizable it is, we're sure you'll realize it would be a good investment into your future as a golfer, no matter how high your handicap level is.

One of the main things that we need to mention is the outstanding Cup 360 Technology that allows some flex at impact and provides a higher ball speed; also, it cancels out the consequences of an off-center shot.

The combination of broader soles and a center of gravity set low and in the back, these clubs are made to provide forgiveness and consistency in your shots, no matter how much you struggle with finding the right impact location. These irons will make sure your ball flies as high and as far as possible while requiring very little effort on your part; this makes them ideal for high-handicap golfers.


  • Low, back-set center of gravity
  • Works great for high-handicap players
  • Wider soles
  • Unique Cup 360 Technology
  • Customizable
  • High MOI


  • It’s on the pricier side


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5. Cobra Men's Fly Z Fairway Woods – Turns Out Forgiving Fairway Woods Do Exist

For those knowledgeable on the topic of golf, forgiving fairway woods might seem impossible to imagine. Most of them would say that those terms don’t even belong in the same sentence, unless there’s a „not“ in it, too. Lately, however, there’s been a rise in the tendency to make woods more approachable for high-handicap players; as a result, we have the Cobra Fly Z Fairway Woods.

Cobra Men's Fly Z Fairway Woods, Regular, Graphite, Black, Right Hand, 3-4W
  • Speed Channel Face: An engineered trench around the perimeter of the face thins the wall structure around the perimeter to increase Speed
  • Crown Zone Weighting Technology removes weight from the crown to reposition low and back in the head for a Low deep CG
  • Forged E9 Zone Face Structure removes weight from key areas around the face and hosel areas to increase the size and speed of the sweet zone for more speed on off center hits
  • MyFly8 Technology: 8 different Loft/Trajectory Settings
  • SmartPad Technology delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting

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The low and back-set center of gravity is assured by the Crown Zone Weight Technology; the weight is removed from the crown of the club and set further in the back. Since it’s removed from the key areas (like the face and the hosel), the sweet spot is enlarged, allowing for more speed even when an off-center shot occurs.

The MyFly8 Technology offers eight different loft settings; the issue with clubs that have an adjustable hosel is that the face approach angle inevitably alters when you adjust the loft. Cobra, however, dealt with this problem with their SmartPad Technology, which provides a square address, no matter what the loft settings are.

With all that’s been said, it’s clear that the Cobra Fly Z woods were designed with high-handicap golfers in mind.


  • Crown Zone Weighting Technology
  • The center of gravity is back-set and low
  • Eight loft/trajectory settings
  • Speed Channel Face increases speed
  • Recommended for high-handicap players
  • Provides a square address regardless of the loft settings


  • The clubhead is quite heavy

Cobra Fly Z Fairway Wood Review (Source:

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Roundup Winner: Most Forgiving Golf Club

And the clear WINNER is the ...

TaylorMade Men's R15 460, Left Hand, Stiff, 9.5-Degree
Taylormade-Adidas Golf Company - Sports
from $224.23

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You are only allowed 14 golf clubs in your bag, but when you have the two adjustable “Front Track” weights on your TaylorMade R15 driver, you feel like you have many more. If you have a tree on the right, adjust the weight. If the green is soft, adjust the weight.

The adjustable weights are visible and effect the ball directly. This R15 driver is more for professionals who know what they are doing, but it is still a fun golf club to have. Adjust the weight and feel great with the TaylorMade R15 driver.

The Final Verdict: Find What Works for You

We searched the market to find the most forgiving golf club in each of the categories we’ve talked about, so there’s no way to declare the best one on our list – every single pick is the best at what it’s made to do. However, if you’re curious about which one offers the most forgiveness, then yes, we have an overall winner – the TaylorMade R15 Driver

But keep in mind that even the most forgiving golf club in the world could (and should) never replace the time and effort put into perfecting your shot. But in the meantime, you can rely on these forgiving clubs to help you with your scores.