Best Golf Hybrid Reviews 2019: Top 5+ Recommended

We do not have to talk about how choosing the wrong club can weigh down even the most accurately planned shots.

Pick from the best golf hybrids and instantly improve your scores!

Though the hybrids have been pretty new in the segment they have gained instant popularity.

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How Do I Choose the Best Hybrid Golf Club? (Source:

How Should You Choose Your Golf Hybrid?

Well, there are so many hybrids out there, then how do you take your pick? Here we have those that are easy to work with, offer a good deal of forgiveness and are also great in the looks segment. 

Before we get to the list of the most popular ones that you can consider, here are the most important factors you should look into while buying a hybrid:

1. Does It Come With Variable Lofts

Not all hybrids deliver this option. But we now find a lot of hybrids whose lofts can easily be altered. This helps tune your shots based on your stroke style and the position. 

You can precisely frame the shots to deliver the desired distances. The adjustment of the lofts also enables the golfer to achieve better control over the type of flight. These are those hybrids that perform beyond their category. A little adjustment in the loft can help achieve softer landings.

2. They Would Replace Some Of Your Irons Or Woods:

Ideally people go for hybrids because they can offer the benefits that irons offer but with the benefit of being easier to handle. 

Most people prefer hybrids over irons 1 and 2. These come in handy while the position of the shot is still a bit away from the greens. There are some who have mastered the art of gaining control over the greens with their hybrids as well. 

So the purpose of buying a hybrid would help choose the right one for you. The key here is to understand your weaknesses and strengths on the field. 

So try and use your hybrids to overcome those weak spots and improve your scores. This is how you decide whether you want your hybrids to replace your irons or woods.

3. Grip Should Not Be The Last Consideration

We often look at the shaft and the club head but the grip is not given equal importance. One thing that most people do is to choose a hybrid with grip similar to that present in the other clubs in the bag. This would make the new hybrid easy to hold. This would also help getting familiar with the handling of the club soon. 

The hybrid club is considered to be a little difficult to get used to for some golfers. So the choice of uniform grip can make things better.

4. Look At The Shaft

When we talk about the shaft it is not just the material of the shaft but also the length. Choice of the length of the hybrid is an important factor. Ideally people choose hybrids that are the same length or slightly longer than the irons and woods. Most hybrids are chosen to be half to one inch longer than the iron that is next on the line. 

When it comes to the material shafts can be graphite or steel. Both have their own perks. Graphites are considered to be versatile choices that can suit both high and low handicap golfers. This makes graphite shafts one of the most popular choices in the recent times. One last aspect about the shaft is the flex. With a stiff shafts the shots often result in lower flights.

5. Lie Angle And Offset

When you choose clubs that are very much upright using these clubs becomes a little difficult. You cannot ignore the lie angle when you choose your hybrid. 

There is no hard and fast rule about choosing the clubs with offset. For those that wish to achieve a higher flight an offset would help lift the ball up in the air with ease. 

In most cases lower offset is recommended for those golfers with lower handicap. If you are still confused you can stick with choosing a hybrid with offset similar to that of the other irons and woods in your bag.

6. Plan You Budget

You would be able to find hybrids that are way expensive and those that are available in value packs. Being clear about your budget would be a great place to start with. This would help narrow down your list. You can then look at all other parameters to pick your best few. 

If it is the first time you are buying a hybrid you might feel that trying one on the field would give you a clearer picture. You can also seek the help of a good fitter to get the right club fitting done to support your shots.

Once you know what exactly you want from your hybrids here are the best 5 golf hybrids:

Most Recommended golf hybrids: Detailed Reviews 2018

1. Callaway Men's XR Hybrid Reviews

This hybrid comes in right and left handed orientations. Coming to the flex of the shaft based on the fields that you play you can choose from the 3 available choices- regular, senior and stiff.

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To increase the ball speed for every stroke these hybrids come with “Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup”. The hybrid is popular mainly because it offers not just extra distance for your shots but also the essential forgiveness that any beginner would love. This remains true even while you attempt off-center shots.


  • The head shape has been designed innovatively so as to ensure ideal weight positioning across the hybrid.
  • This design is what is responsible for the forgiveness that the club boasts of.
  • The CG of the club is also found to be lower than most others in this segment.
  • That club feels well-balanced when you use it.
  • Your backswing feels accurate with this club
  • This club comes with a high MOI thanks to the Internal Standing way that has been aptly re-engineered.
  • Taking long distance shots have been found to be easier with this club. This makes it an easy choice of hybrid for beginners and experts alike.


  • The graphite shaft provided for the club is not the best from the brand. There are other irons and woods that come with superior feel shafts.

 Callaway XR Hybrid + XR Pro Review (Source:

Callaway Men's XR Hybrid
Callaway Golf - Sports
from $119.99

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2. Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid Reviews

With a graphite shaft this one is very similar to the above hybrid from Callaway. This one too comes in both right and left handed options for the right and left handed golfers.

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There is a variant specially designed for the lady golfers as well. This one comes with stiff, regular and senior stiff options in the shaft flex.

Talking about the configuration of the hybrid this one comes with 4 options- 3H, 4H, 5H and 6H.


  • This hybrid belongs to the collection of clubs from Callaway that come with the signature, “Hyper Speed Face Cup” technology. This technology has been incorporated in the design so as to improve the speed of the stroke and the distance as well. When you have to take off-center hits, you can be assured of good speeds without difficulty.
  • The CG has been retained to be at the back with the help of club head design. These make the swing simpler. These hybrids can be launched high as well.
  • The design has intuitively been done with the inputs from aerodynamic experts. This helped streamline the design for better cuts.
  • The blade length has been retained a bit long while keeping the club face broad for better forgiveness.


  • The light weight of the graphite shaft makes it a bit difficult to gain control over for some golfers.


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3. Srixon Z H65 Hybrids Reviews

This one too gives a great distance in the shots much like the other ones on our list. These Hybrids are known to be the most forgiving especially for those struggling to get a hold on framing their shots well with hybrids.

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There are 3 loft options 16.0,19.0 and 22.0.

We are talking here about the variant that comes with a loft of 19.0. For this variant the shaft flexes range from stiff, regular to x-stiff.


  • The depth of the crown channel creates a height in the launch. This also improves the spin after the impact.
  • The CG has been positioned with respect to the club loft. Those that come with lower lofts come with a CG which is lower too. Lower the CG, higher would the launch be initially. The experts prefer the round soles with higher lofts because this allows them to hit a variety of shots.
  • The durability of the club's build quality is something that is commonly appreciated by several of the users. This makes it a great value for money.
  • One main perk about this hybrid is the amount of control it offers.


  • The club head tends to wear out easily and scratches are visible with just few uses.

Srixon Z H65 Hybrid Review (Source:

Srixon Male Z H65 3 Hybrid (19 Degree)
Cleveland Golf - Sports
from $89.99

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4. Mizuno Golf Men's JPX-900 Hybrid Reviews

This one is specially designed keeping the male golfers in mind. At a comparatively lower price tag than most other hybrids in the segment this one comes both in left and right handed orientations.

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With a lightweight graphite shaft this hybrid has two flex options of the shaft – regular and stiff. It has been a popular choice to replace an iron in most of the cases.

With the accurate configuration choice you can use it to replace a wood or an iron easily. This has been designed balancing the benefits of woods and irons to deliver unmatchable performance.


  • There is a quick switch adaptor in the club. This allows the golfer to easily alter the club loft. This is one feature that you do not find in several clubs. This is a handy inclusion that allows to attempt a variety of shots. The adjustment is pretty simple thanks to the quick switching hosel.
  • The signature Shockwave Sole for the club head is another important aspect about the design. This design has been made so as to ensure that the CG is retained in the front. The positioning of the CG thus results in the right flex of the club during the impact. The combined effect of these is the extra distance achieved in the shots along with the power delivered. In addition to all these advantages the forgiveness is not compromised either.


  • The variation in loft attainable with the given switch is pretty less. There aren’t other options to choose standard lofts while you purchase.

Mizuno JPX900 Hybrid Preview (Source:

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5. Cobra Golf Men's KING F7 Hybrid Reviews

Talking about adjustable loft hybrids we have one more on our list- the King F7 from Cobra.

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Very much similar to the above hybrid in a lot of aspect this one comes in shaft flexes which range from stiff to regular to senior.

No matter which loft you choose you can be assured of the distance of the shots thanks to the design.


  • Steeper rails are achieved due to the baffler rail system. This also makes the turf interaction better.
  • One other main benefit of choosing this hybrid is the consistency of performance. You would know how exactly the club would respond and this helps plan your shots and know the results every time.
  • The single weight position allows the CG to be retained back. This helps increase the distance of the shots a great deal.
  • The construction has been given a matte finish that doesn’t cause any glare on the field. It can also resist scratches to a good extent.


  • In terms of the forgiveness this might not be the best one out there. This doesn’t carry the largest club head in the segment.


2017 Cobra Golf Men's King F7 Hybrid (Adjustable Lofts)
Cobra-Puma Golf - Sports
from $109.90

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A final word

Those were our 5 most favorite hybrids which can be used by beginners and pros alike.

We have taken into account the graphite shaft models simply because these are the most popular ones thanks to the lightness and ease of handling. But the size of the club head and the weight distribution incorporated in the design matter equally well in determining how easy it is to plan your shots with the given hybrid.

In terms of the overall performance both the hybrids from Callaway are our favorites. But the Cobra Hybrid have their special place thanks to the adjustable loft option.