Best Fairway Woods Reviews 2019: Top 9+ Recommended

Welcome to our Best Fairway Woods 2019 review!

If you're only starting golfing or are a top handicapper, we advise that you take a look at our overview of clubs for beginners and high handicappers.

We attempted to maintain our choice fairly broad concerning handicap suitability, however admittedly, the majority of the fairway woods showcased below are for non only figure to high handicaps.

Within this extensive guide we've sifted through the complete best fairway woods now on the market. The manual divides fairway forests by price category and features that will help you discover the finest woods for the game.

Let’s jump into our Best Golf Fairway Woods review and find out which is best for you and why!

Top 9 Best Fairway Woods

Rise of Hybrids: the Economics of Game Improvement

In the conclusion of the day, golf is a game, an extremely unforgiving one in that, but nevertheless a game nonetheless. And a great majority of golfers indulge in this game utter fun, friendly socialization and also for the invigorating physical exertion from sunlight. Of those millions who play golf, just a fraction are concentrated on breaking into the ace or semi-pro circuit. (Source ) This is the key market for many golf club makers. Along with also the"game development" class is the best-selling assortment of nightclubs for great reason.

So producers are focusing a great deal on improving overall forgiveness and ease of use of golf clubs generally by creating newer versions of"game development" array of nightclubs. Hybrids were developed to combine the best of both courses while offering more precision, launch elevation and forgiveness.

Plus they may be utilised in a large number of situation, on the demanding, both the fairway and even in the tee. A huge majority of casual golfers today carry hybrids rather than woods and long irons.

Hybrids: A Better Choice Over Woods or Irons?

Hybrids provide a significantly improved overall performance above extended irons. Improved citizenship, far better access and also much superior space and establish elevation. That clearly was absolutely no excuse never to really go to get a crossover more than a 2 4 iron at the moment, if you're not an expert golfer/single Dig it handicapper who is dwell and flourish with their quirks. But forests are another proposal to extended irons. Fairway forests are key into this very long distance match. The very first one/two pictures onto almost any pit usually necessitate some type of fairway timber (as a motorist is in reality a 1-wood). Sure, the hybrids might be effortlessly used in the tee shirt but they feature less at yardage compared to forests. Thus, the hybrids can reread the more irons out there and outside play, but forests still possess two or one experts within their favor from your flames.

Golfclub selection isn't only about mere numbers and functionality amounts, it's likewise right down to specific taste. Therefore why don't we state in the beginning which until you create some conclusions as being a newcomer golfer seeing pick between forests and hybrids, then you should decide to try out them there. Many golfers favor shorter clubs such as hybrids, but some excel with more nightclubs. Therefore ostensibly, decide to try before purchasing.

Previous this dilemma of person taste, the disagreement between dinosaurs and forests could Be Dependent on These factors:

Ease of usage: Forged would be the winners using their shorter shafts and high lofts.

Access for rookies: A continuation of this aforementioned motif, hybrids are far much better compared to fairway woods in the event that you're just beginning, or higher handicapper fighting together with your own swing.

Length: Woods would be the winners within such regard. The moment you get a particular degree of consistency on your swing, then you are going to have the ability to secure more space using a fairway wood daily around a hybridvehicle.

Tough: hybrids tend to be better at heftier roughs whereas a three timber may create to get the task carried out in milder roughs.

Affordability: some other area at which forests grading handsomely in excess of hybrids. Hybrids are far costlier of course in the event that you're following a budget, either fairway timber or 2 could be much sensible selection in excess of a pair of hybrids.

Flexibility: Hybrid are jack of trades, whereas forests really are pros of space. Woods will function you far from your tee and also on the fairway in holes that are longer.

Ability development: hybrids are briefer clubs. To develop into better golfer, you should increase your match and eventually become adept in the employment of the long and short clubs. Fairway forests will aid you with this particular.

In decisions earners are often more preferable to beginners and high handicappers to get a less difficult outing in a course. The familiar you're using golf clubs, the more far better earners would be foryou personally. But when you get acquire a consistency on your golf swing, then you ought to look at having a three timber or some 5 timber. They'll provide enormous flexibility on more level 5 or more preceding openings to secure you close the green in 2 different shots. 3 forests are demonstrably far much superior compared to flames out of your tee.

Which Wood to Buy?

When you've been having a hybrid out of your tee shirt and require a update with an increase of space, obtain yourself a three timber. Additionally, this is preferred option for those who own a motorist and also are fighting seriously with acquiring persistent shots right into the fairway.

To the web, for those who get a decent control over studs, you also are able to look in either a three timber and a-5 timber. 5 forests are simpler to reach in the atmosphere due with their own high attic angle. 3 forests around the opposite hand move farther.

If you're in a pinch and do not possess a lot of room on your club place for equally forests, decide on based on the form of class you're taking part in on. 3 forests might take more space, however 5 forests will nonetheless profit you tons lawns in addition to more elevation about the fairway. However, if this isn't an problem, it is still possible to hold a 5 and 3 timber together side a couple of hybrids, your limited iron-wedges place, and leave your glistening driver in your residence!

The Best Fairway Woods For 2019 Reviewed

Unlike many other golf club lessons, there isn't considerably stratification in ivory timber ranges. You secure the overall game progress fairway forests, the player fairway woods and also a good couple that hastens the grey space amongst both equally. Our recap reflects those ranges having a cross range selection of those optimal/optimally fairway woods being offered for both equally substantial handicappers and low-mid handicappers.

From the sport development classes, we now have:

1. Adams Golf Blue Fairway Wood

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The leaves have attempted to handle a few of those lengthy standing conditions that a lot of substantial handicappers confront with southern forests: attaining fantastic launching elevation in the shots always.

Using a suitably called"uncomplicated launching technology", Adams golfing has strove to boost the C-G and twist in addition to swing rate to simply help players release the ball in to the atmosphere more frequently. It's offered in 3, 7 and 5 timber choices.


  • Basic point and shoot performance, Perfect for the high handicapper trying to facilitate their Way to fairway forests
  • Quite forgiving on mishits, together with decent precision and degree to your class space.
  • Smooth and sleek texture, using a exact muted suggestions that this really is really a rather light weight club.


  • Some gamers Require a Little More fat and heft in their ancestral forests
  • Less successful as the other forests.
  • No more adjustability or innovative setup Choices

2. Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood

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Using a gigantic hole that's lightweight and pliable, Callaway has put its own sights securely over the match advancement market with all the XR 16. The only design elicits the timeless"Warbird" style and design and supplies a top C G and backward MOI, aiding the XR 16 scoredecent photographs in to the fairway despite enormous misses.

You can find 3, 5, 7 and 5 woods out there inside the scope.


  • Wonderful all around celebrity, the three timber is adequate the tee off shirt, and also could reach even thick demanding.
  • Among the Absolute Most used fairway timber at the sport development array
  • The matte end and also reddish rotating provide the XR 16 a beautiful look


  • Definitely enormous extended length shots are few and far in between, space isn't one of its solid matches
  • players regularly have trouble together with climbing chunk elevation. The launching capacities Might Have been improved

3. Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood

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True to type, the F-6 out of Cobra conveys the new signature daring styling and looks.

While it's frequently promoted as a video game improvement team, the f 6 is much significantly more than motorist acceptable for gamers of most skills. We possess the choice of flexible weights having a 20g tungsten piece which may be set at both of both slots over the single to match with all the CG and MOI.

The timber additionally includes a flexible hosel, meaning that lofts could be invisibly a couple angles in direction. You will find 34, 5-6 and 78 flexible forests, that offer more coating of flexibility put next to different forests from our own offering.


  • An appropriate modern Victorian timber, together with most of the current flexible characteristics and additional flexibility an individual can expect to get.
  • Together with all the elastic hosel and elastic lofts, you also can transform the timber to accommodate different conditions along with also lies.
  • Finest in course precision and adequate excursion on photographs.
  • Among of the most effective seeming forests while in the organization.


  • Forgiveness isn't the best, but mightn't suit several substantial handicappers.
  • It may require some experimentation to locate the perfect setting to get an individual new player.
  • From the player section, we've got just two rack out choices:

4. TaylorMade M1 Fairway Wood

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Maybe not to be mistaken with all the m-2 that's a match advancement Factor, the m 1 is really a suitable participant oriented fairway wood by your Adidas marquee.

Together with 2 1-5 grams falling burdens, along with a broad array of flexible attic choices, this timber brings extreme effectiveness options towards the dining table to get players trying to find a flexible fairway wood using oodles of all finesse available on offer you.

You will find 3,5,7 wooden possibilities in addition to multiple rotating flex to pick from. The Lamkin overall performance 360 clasp can be definitely an additional reward.


  • Together with both liter weights along with 4 examples of attic alterations, gamers may tinker with all the shooter sort, flight and direction of this chunk.
  • Outstanding distance in the tee shirt optimal touch contributes to flourishing distance photographs.
  • Accurate to shape the texture is slick and smooth, and also the bar is so wellbalanced.
  • A top technology design increases the air of an authentic pro tier team.


  • Perhaps not just the most effective if it regards firming operation
  • Should you need to have more forgiveness, then you ought to decide to try different nightclubs.

5. TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood

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For all of us, it had been love in the beginning sight once we chose the taylor-made m 6 fairway forests to get a experience. We're somewhat preoccupied about exactly what advancement that the m 6 scope would attract contrasted having its own predecessors that the M-4 (it self a nice team, that upped the ante in conditions of bias ). Nevertheless, it did not let down us.

There exists a more substantial crown, and then shares a couple grams of pounds, thereby letting the CG to function as deeper and lower inside of the club head. Enhancements have already been designed into the Rate Pocket championship at the only real that currently sports a fresh form of Thermo plastic polyurethane to decrease friction together with all the turf in the impact. Regarding that Twist confront technological innovation, taylor-made experienced the following season to examine the exact statistics, also have stated the excess 0.5 levels from the m 6 lessens dispersion up to 15 metres.

In addition, it is worth pointing out the brand new matte-finish appears out standing, notably as compared to this silver online.

Most of all, the operation is unique, using a improved noise and texture compared to the M 4, and also the profile in speech just increases this feeling of simplicity that you may reach consequences. A golf club for several kinds of participant, and inclined for big hit 2019.


  • Trendy, Slick design, and Also the Newest Matte-finish is aesthetically-pleasing
  • Uncomplicated Launching and Simple Going to as a Result of lower C-G
  • Constant Outcome and Minimum Ranking on Mis-hits Implies That the Extra Twist Deal with Version Creates a Huge difference
  • Adaptable, Also ideal Each by the tee and Also Away the deck


  • It is expensive

6. Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood

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You might very readily confuse the Epic Flash fairways together with all the Epic Flash motorist -- also, granted that the standard of the latter, so which is perhaps not just a terrible blunder to produce in any way.

Every one of the superb technological whistles and bells are found in such fairway woods, though you can find some additional intriguing things to see.

Even the jail-break pubs from your Rogue fairway woods are retained to provide match rates per enhance. In particular, the pubs sit supporting a 455 Carpenter metal deal with Cup, which then covers front region of the facial skin. A brand new Opti-Fit hosel is just another essential characteristic, providing you with prized attic adjustability. Nevertheless the brand new hosel is gentle, and also the very low C-G is so kept.

However, the touch part is your brand new Flash confront style and design, found into the back of their facial add. Callaway has leveraged the capability of AI to look and also incorporate this particular feature, which efficiently behaves as'a encounter in a confront'. The outcome? Ball rates are excellent, but perhaps not merely once you reach out it the sweet-spot, but additionally in direction of the toe.

This truly is really a bar-raiser in tech, and also the operation regarding trajectory, bias and consistency is tough to overcome. To get low-to-mid handicappers, this could be the main one to you personally.


  • Excellent modern technology, epitomized by the brand-new Flash Face design
  • Loft adjustability due to the new OptiFit hosel
  • Amazing proximity on offer, also on strikes lower down the clubface
  • Uniformity, consistency, consistency-- that's what you'll receive from this nightclub
  • Regardless of the price, this will certainly still go down as great market value for money


  • Flatter Lineup onto This crown is a Little Bizarre visual Benchmark

7. Srixon Z F85

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Even the Srixon Z F85 fairways game an intriguing design and style -- you might or might well not think it's great. We ended upn't convinced in regards to the Crown Measure, that visits a little small dropoff from your crown into the top line. For the reason this and also many other manners, this bar is still really far a metal sort of the Z 785 driver, even though you can find a few smart little factors.

By way of instance, the carbon saves a neutral chunk of excess weight, which then has allowed the designers to automatically alter just a couple of gram towards the borders. Like a consequence, MOI has been supplied a convenient growth. That is likewise backed by way of a lowly C G, due to this above Crown stage.

Most this is evidenced with the HT1770 Cup confront, that wraps all the way on front to guarantee decent ball rates around the facial skin. And also the end result is exemplary consequences, along with above-average forgiveness. There certainly are a couple of good stock rotating options also, also, most importantly it is available at at a exact competitive price tag.

Notably for lesser handicappers, that really is an effective candidate in case you never desire to violate up the bankcard.


  • Cost Label means That It Stays on the shelf
  • Compact heads lie Quite Well at address
  • Amazing Texture, especially Once You get out It the Center
  • Forgiveness Fostered by lower CG (Crown Measure ) and Greater MOI (thinner crown)


  • The 15 degree fairway wasn't all That Simple to hit -- Perhaps Not ideal for mid-high handicappers
  • Crown Measure design is Not going to be Everybody's cup of Java

8. Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood

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A couple of individuals have said that there is not much value , but in our opinion there's a lot. Now a decent cost for a fairway is everywhere between $230 -- $275.

The M4 provides everything for you -- all forgiveness, distance, playability. And of course how great it seems with all the broken grey/black crown. The best thing however is the flexibility. Should you have to negotiate with a tight Par 4 hitting it off the tee or should you want to come in as large as you possibly can to some narrow Par 5 green then that is your name on it.

The adjustability options are easy -- which is exactly what we like. Noted it's wonderful to have a whole pile of choices available, but it's also wonderful to have less to consider and only concentrate on hitting the ball.
The main reason for the space is that the Speed Pocket supporting the clubface, which empowers the face to bend slightly at impact providing more of a elastic impact.

Finally the feel off the clubface through impact is completely amazing. It simply makes you need to hit this bar as far as possible across the round and in addition, it supplies a minor psychological confidence increase.

Overall all of the M4 is an excellent fairway wood that's been observed in many a PGA Tour player's luggage and for great reason. Give it a bash and see that the results on your own you won't be let down.


  • Exceptionally long and if you hit out one the screws you're going to be staring at misbelief in the ball trajectory
  • An extremely pliable club if it be hitting it off the fairway to a tight green or utilizing it off the tee a narrow Par 4
  • Beautiful sound through effect and really addictive -- can not get enough of it!
  • Excellent value in the Purchase Price, especially now a newer M6 version has been published


  • One Factor to crit is the Absence of Weights That Are Removable, but for Example we Said Before we do Not mind this Stage in Any Way

9. Cobra F9 Speedback Fairway Wood

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In a class of golf club which arouses the many angst, it is reasonable to say there is one main aim of a fairway wood: it has to be easy to hit. When it comes to forgiveness, the Cobra King F9 stands around the evaluation.

It is all built on the achievement of this Baffler Rails using some little enhancements and tweaks -- many of which revolves round the Speedback technologies that has a 15g tungsten fat boosting a more towering ball flight. Together with the high rate of dispersion, it shores up precision, even on mishits. What's more, it ensures that these fairway woods are easy to reach from any kind of surface.

Additionally, it is a bit milder, and, using a lower CG, it scores a perfect 10 from the playability category. Throw in a competitive cost, along with a snazzy layout that looks like the F9 driver using the yellow bits, and you are on a winner.


  • Extremely easy to Reach, along with the Enhanced Baffler Rail system and Speedback Technologies has a Remarkable impact
  • Clubhead Rate (and Space ) Fostered by 360 Aero Technology
  • Connect swing Info into your smartphone Using Cobra Connect
  • CNC milled clubface Supplies up to Nearly 7 yards of extra Space


  • Better Gamers Will Likely need to Purchase a custom shaft


The variety of capabilities and features exhibited inside our listing of their optimal/optimally fairway forests signify that most makers are now starting to provide fairway woods some very long drawn care. There's even now a workable marketplace for all these golf clubs when celebrities are apparently taking over. With more intriguing technology up-grades in 2019, mountain forests might be on the resurrection route. The forthcoming season ought to be quite intriguing really.