Best Golf Practice Net Reviews 2019: Top 5+ Recommended

It goes without saying that, if you want to master any sport, you need to practice!  Golf is no different, but not everyone can get to a golf green to practice their swings and putts.  Whether its lack of time or down to bad weather, you need to have something in place that lets you practice those golf swings so you don't get rusty. 

This is where golf practice nets come in.  Many of the best golf practice nets are small enough to store, easy to put together, and will let you practice your swings just about anywhere in any weather. 

The question is, how to find the best golf practice net for your needs?  That's where we come in!  We have found the top 5 golf practice nets and share a buyers guide to what to look for when shopping for a golf practice net. 

Comparative Table Of The Top 5 Golf Practice Nets

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Most Recommended Golf Practice Nets: Detailed Reviews

1. Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport – Best Indoor Golf Practice Net

The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net is a convenient size for setting up indoors. It can be used as a multi-purpose sports net, which is great if you have kids who like to practice soccer or baseball. For golf practice, you have this great ball return feature, so only one ball is needed and it saves time not having to retrieve golf balls. That means more time to practice those swings.

The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net
  • New Patented Design Automatically Returns the Ball to the Athlete - Watch the Video
  • One Practice Net for Multiple Sports including Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Football and Lacrosse
  • 5 Min. Pushbutton Assembly, Easily Transport and Store in the Provided Duffle Bag (Only 28 lbs.)
  • Use Indoors or Outside - In Backyards, Basements, Garages, Patios, Practice Fields and Home / Away Games
  • Premium Quality, Designed for Years of Use, Made in the USA.Stainless Steel Push buttons

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Assembly of the net is fairly straight-forward, using a quick color connect system that is easy to follow. Taking it down is just as easy and it comes with a duffle bag to pack and carry it, making this a very portable net that you can use just about anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

The frame is made of a lightweight, but sturdy aluminum that has a sleeve made of nylon cloth. The high-density net is made of well woven polyester and the entire kit only weighs 28.9 lbs, so it's easy to carry. It is rated by the manufacturer as being able to withstand 100 shots per day and 250,000 shots in total before you see any wear.


  • Sturdy, compact 1.5 inch aluminum frame
  • High-Quality UV polyester netting
  • Stainless steel push button assembly using a quick color connect system
  • Durable polyester bag for easy storing and portability
  • Sleeved Net
  • Multiple Sport Use

There are a couple of downsides we have come across with this product, mainly the price and lack of accessories, meaning you have to buy things like mats separately. Many felt that, for the price, it should have at least come with a mat.

There has also been some comment regarding the nets durability, with some heavy users reporting that they were seeing wear already after a short period of time.


  • Very versatile multi-purpose use
  • Ball return feature means more practice time
  • Compact - can be set up anywhere, indoor or outdoor
  • Stable frame


  • Doesn't come with any accessories
  • A bit expensive

Spornia Golf Practice Net- All in one video (Source:

The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net
The Net Return - Sports

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2. Rukket 4pc Golf Bundle – Best Budget Golf Practice Net For Beginners

The Rukket Golf Bundle is a good option for beginners or casual golfers, and a good budget net because it comes with a chipping target, hitting mat, and a durable duffle bag to carry it all in.

The practice net itself is made of a 5-ply knotless net that returns your ball to you, and can easily be replaced once it does show signs of wear and tear. With a knotless net, the impact of your hits are evenly distributed throughout the netting to prevent damage and allows a smooth ball roll back.

Rukket 4pc Golf Practice Bundle | 10x7ft SPDR Driving Net | Tri-Turf Hitting Mat | Barrier Protective Wings | Carry Bag | Portable Indoor and Outdoor at Home & Residential
  • PRACTICE AT HOME: This is the sturdiest at home driving range available. Now, you can bring the driving range to your backyard or garage. This bundle includes (1) SPDR Golf Net, (1) Set of FREE Side Barrier Protective Wings, (1) Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat Attack, and (1) Carry Bag.- add to cart now!
  • FULL COVERAGE EVEN WHEN YOU SLICE A SHOT: Side protection wings give you complete confidence to hit any shot no matter the difficulty. They'll catch any stray shot and keep you and others safe when practicing!
  • FOLDS DOWN WHEN STORED: The SPDR is our heavy duty option for the golfer who likes to leave their net up all year round. This does not mean it isn't storable though! If you want to store it, it easily folds down with the net on and can be slid into the back of your basement or garage.
  • HIT FROM ANY LIE: Even the best golfers in the world need to hit out of the rough sometimes. Practice any lie you want with the fairway, rough, and tight lie turf separation so that there is never a shot you won't be prepared for on the course.
  • RUKKET 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Includes lifetime replacement parts and outstanding USA-based customer service for no-risk purchasing.

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The net is lightweight, versatile, portable and, because it pops up, it is very easy to set up. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, and the nets base is double layered for durability on any kind of surface. There are no loose pieces that you have to assemble either. Basically, it's your own self-contained portable driving range to help improve your golf swings.


  • Fully folding pop-up frame
  • Barrier netting and folding mat for added protection
  • Ball return feature

While many felt the net in this kit was very durable, they were not so impressed with the mat that comes with it, with many reporting the mat was falling apart after a short time of usage.

Also, a lot of buyers felt the mat made it a bit awkward to hit off of due to its thickness/height. Also, some buyers felt that folding up the net was not as easy as it claims to be.


  • Durable netting system
  • Portable
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Chipping target helps with aiming skills


  • Folding up is not as easy as it seems
  • Mat is not good quality

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3. Dynamax Sports High Impact Golf Barrier Net – Most Customizable Golf Practice Net

We felt that the Dynamax Sports Net was the most versatile for two reasons. The first is that it can be used for a number of sports activities. The second is that it comes with no frame, so you can customize your own frame to your preferences using some PVC piping. The net can be placed into any shape needed and it can handle speeds of over 150 mph.

Dynamax Sports High Impact Golf Barrier Net, White, 10X10-ft
  • No.18 Twisted Knotted Nylon; 3/4" Square Mesh
  • UV & Weather Treated
  • 1/4" Rope Border Around Perimeter w/a Clip at Each Corner

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This is a good option for those who need versatility and the freedom to design their own golf practice area. The commercial grade netting is made from number 18 twisted knotted nylon that is weather and UV treated, so it will last all year round and can be used indoors or outdoors. Because of its simplicity, it's easy to set up.


  • No.18 twisted knotted nylon net with 3/4" square mesh
  • UV and weather treated
  • Enforced with a 1/4" rope border around its perimeter with a clip at each corner

While this does seem to be a durable net where weather is concerned, many buyers have reported that they have seen signs of wear with everyday golf usage sooner than expected, and feel it isn't the best for high use golfing purposes.


  • You can customize the shape of the net with your own frame
  • Handles moderate to high speeds


  • Regular daily usage leads to wear sooner than anticipated

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Dynamax Sports High Impact Golf Barrier Net, White, 10X10-ft
Lee Fisher Int (DBA Dynamax Sports) - Sports

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4. Rukket Pop Up Golf Net – Most Portable Golf Practice Net

The Rukket Pop Up Golf Net is very versatile in that it can be used for more than just golf practice and easily sets up indoors and outdoors, which lets you practice all year round. The net also has the ball return feature that makes it easy to practice with just one ball. Bear in mind that its capacity for returning balls will depend on the surface it is set up on.

Rukket 10x7ft Pop Up Golf Net | Orginal Rukknet | Practice Driving Indoor and Outdoor | Backyard Swing Training Aids
  • FOOLPROOF POP-UP SETUP: our golf net opens from a 32" circle to 10ft W x 7ft H x 5ft D golf net in SECONDS!
  • USE REAL GOLF BALLS: Rukket Tough Netting (knotless 4 ply 3/4 inch inside netting). Unlike other golf nets the RUKKNET features a two net barrier system with easily replaced inside net.
  • MORE PRACTICE, LOWER SCORES: ORIGINAL ball return feature, use only ONE golf ball to practice! Use anywhere outside or inside; the backyard, basement, garage, patio or practice fields!
  • LASTING SEASON AFTER SEASON: Double stitched heavy-duty materials & NO FUSS Quick Folding System.
  • Click 'Add to Cart' and practice everyday knowing you are covered by our US Based Customer Service & Rukket Fair Play Guarantee.

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The pop-up construction of this net is what makes it so portable, and it comes in a canvas carry bag that has room for other golf equipment. In all, it weighs just 14 pounds. The net is the only golf practice net that has a dual-net system, which uses a secondary net behind the first one to guard against balls going missing or having a ball tear the first layer. The net is made of a 4-ply knotless construction, which allows for the net to evenly distribute impacts through the surface, guarding against tearing. Its frame is made of spring steel for durability.


  • Quick pop-up setup, goes from a circle of 32” to a full 7 feet high, 10 feet wide, and 5 feet deep net.
  • Tough netting means you can use real golf balls
  • 2 Net barrier system with easily replaceable inside net
  • Ball return feature

A lot of buyers found they had issues when trying to unfold or fold the net and that the outside frame often becomes misaligned, making folding back up difficult.

Also, due to its lightweight, you need to anchor it securely or it will get blown over in windy conditions.


  • Simple to setup
  • Very versatile and portable
  • Can be used in all weather conditions


  • Can be frustrating when trying to fold up
  • Metal frame can become misaligned

Best Golf Net ( Pop-up) Rukket (Source:

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5. Dura-Pro Golf Cage – Best All Weather Heavy Duty Practice Net

The Dura-Pro Golf Cage is one of the more heavy duty nets on the market. It's good for golfers who are looking to step up their game and for heavy usage. One of its features is its high-velocity impact baffle net panel, which is made of some high quality and extremely durable netting. It can take the hardest hits you can give it. Adding to this is a second layer that helps reduce impact and the side wings that let the golf balls collect to the side for easy retrieval.

Dura-Pro Golf Cage with Screen Net, High Velocity Strong Impact Netting to Catch Balls, Double Back Stop and Target. All Weather Commercial Quality Materials (10x10x10 Feet)
  • High Velocity Netting, Double Backstop with Target, UV Treated
  • Commercial Grade 7/8" Netting, Steel Frame Corners Included. Conduit must be purchased separately at Lowe's or Home Depot
  • High Velocity Impact Baffle Panel is constructed of heavy duty Archery Netting. USE REAL GOLF BALLS!
  • Our Dura-Flo Commercial Black Netting is UV Impregnated for long life.
  • All Weather - No Shrinking - Resists Rotting in All Weather - GREAT FOR ALL SPORTS!

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It doesn't come with a frame but you do get frame corners that are made of heavy duty steel and are weather proof and water resistant, so it will fair well in all weather conditions. You have a nice target area to help practice your aiming skills as well. Its a net that requires some space and isn't one that you can easily set up and take down to transport, but the durability is perfect for serious golfers looking to improve their swing.


  • High-velocity commercial grade netting
  • Double backstop with target
  • UV treated and weather resistant
  • Steel frame corners included
  • Can be used for all types of sports

There are some downsides to this net, the main one being that it doesn't come with a frame. It's also not that easy to assemble and disassemble, and is fairly heavy, so it's not really meant to be portable. But if you have a dedicated space and need something durable, this is a good option.


  • Highly durable
  • Can use it for all types of sports
  • Water-resistant and weatherproof
  • Helps improve aiming skills


  • Isn't easy to assemble or disassemble

Dura-Pro High Velocity Golf Cage 10x10x10 (Source:

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Best Golf Practice Net Buyer’s Guide

Having your own golf practice net has a lot of benefits. Aside from being practical, it's inexpensive and saves you time while you build on your golf skills. You basically have your own portable driving range that you can take anywhere and use whenever you want. You can improve on your swing and aim all from the comfort of your own home.

There are a few things that you need to take into consideration before you invest in a good golf net. The first is the space that you have for a net. You'll want a net that is durable, has high-quality netting, and is not only easy to set up, but easy to take down and store. Frames should be made from aluminum or steel, and netting should have a good woven wire mesh.

If you are looking for something more portable, you'll want to pick something that is user-friendly that you can put up and take down quickly. Ball return nets are also an option to consider if you want to practice with just one ball and don't want to be fetching your balls all the time. Some nets will bounce the golf ball back to you and some are designed to collect them around the bottom or side wings of the net.

Know Your Needs :

Every golfer has their own swing style and skill, so what might work for one person may not work for you. You don't want to buy any old net that looks OK and is cheap. So you need to determine what net will best fit your golfing needs and playing style. For example, do you need a net that lets you practice with all of your golf clubs? Do you want something that is portable? Make yourself a list of features that are important to you to make the selection process a bit easier. Having the best golf practice net for your needs will not only help you create some solid ball striking but help to maintain it as well.

It's best to invest well in a good golf net because over time it will pay off. You aren't having to go to a driving range every time you want to practice, which can become costly. Here are some things to look for when buying your golf practice net.

Size Matters:

First, you need to think about where you will be using your net for practice. The more space you have, the larger the net you will need. If you don't have a lot of space, there are nets that can be set up in your living room, garage, basement, or backyard. So, you need to consider the height, width, and depth that is available to you. Also, take into account that you need to have enough space for you to stand and swing. Size also affects how portable a practice net is, so if you are going to be setting up in different areas, you want something that is easy enough to put up and take down.

Golf Clubs:

What type of golf clubs are you going to be practicing with?  If you want to use all of your clubs to practice with, then a larger strong net will be needed that can resist the force or your drivers.

Strength of the Net:

This is an important factor when looking for a durable golf practice net.  The netting material should be thick enough, and strong enough to resist the force of your golf balls.  High-density nets are a good option here because they spread out the force of the impact throughout the net, which means your net won't become damaged even with the most forceful of swings.  Always find out what golf clubs you can use with the net you are considering.

Material of the Net and Frame:

You may see some of the cheaper nets claiming they are made of high-quality material. This isn't always the case though. The best thing to do is look at reviews from other buyers to see how their net is standing up.

Where the frame is concerned, if you are leaving your net up for long periods, you want a frame that will be durable. Many are made of lightweight aluminum or dense plastic poles that make it easy to put up, take down, and carry.

Material of the Net and Frame:

This is an important factor when looking for a durable golf practice net.  The netting material should be thick enough, and strong enough to resist the force of your golf balls.  High-density nets are a good option here because they spread out the force of the impact throughout the net, which means your net won't become damaged even with the most forceful of swings.  Always find out what golf clubs you can use with the net you are considering.

3 Main Golf Net Types

  • Chipping Nets – These tend to be very small, portable nets that are the cheapest option.  They are good for beginner golfers, but a more seasoned golfer will want something more robust.
  • Driving Nets – This is a larger version of a chipping net, but these are more durable.  They tend to be designed to resist the impact of high powered drivers and use a higher density net that returns the ball back to you.  These nets can be a bit bulkier to carry but many are very portable.
  • Golf Cages – Cages are very large nets that have side wings, allowing you to practice your swing.  These are not portable and tend to be set up in one space where they will stay.  The netting on a golf cage is made to reduce the ball's momentum, making them safe to use around the home.

Set-up :

Another thing to consider is the nets set-up capabilities. The more complex the net, the harder it will be to assemble and take down. Chipping nets, for example, are quite easy to set up and take down in a few seconds.

A golf cage, however, is more of a challenge to set up and take down due to their larger and heavier nets. So you need to decide if you want a net that you have to take down frequently or one that can be left up for a time.

Indoor/Outdoor Nets:

You'll find that most of the nets out on the market today are made for both indoor and outdoor use. Chipping and driving nets tend to be good for indoor use and makes a great option if you live in an area with an extreme climate.

Outdoor nets are beneficial for practicing your swing in a real environment in different wind conditions and other environmental conditions, such as sun glare.


Price tends to be another big factor for most, but you need to keep in mind that cheaper isn't always better. Once you know your needs you will know how much you want to invest to get the best results. There are a few factors that will influence the price of a golf practice net, and the more features it has can mean more money spent.

Higher rates manufacturer brands tend to be more than a lesser known brand. However, if the manufacturer makes premium golf nets, you will have something that lasts and will be well worth the money, especially when you calculate how much it would cost to go to a driving range. Net types also influence pricing, with larger cage type nets being more than a portable chipping net.

With anything you purchase, you get what you pay for. You can't expect a super durable net for all club swings from a cheap chipping net. Whether you are investing in your first golf net or moving up to something better, you want the best golf practice net for practicing that swing and mastering those skills, so treat it as a long-term investment.


To be honest, we cannot really point to one of these practice nets and tell you that this is the best because all of them are at par as far as features and benefits are concerned. This is exactly why we have listed out the Top 5 products on the market so that you understand each one of them and what they have to offer.

The ultimate decision is yours because you will have to figure out the space that you could give up; the features you require and the amount of money that you can afford to spend. Once these factors are dealt with, choosing the best golf practice net is just a step away. Hope this article helps you to buy the one that’s just meant for you!